About Us

The New York International Law Review features peer-reviewed substantive articles relating to the practice of international law such as human rights, immigration, and commercial law. Together with St. John’s University School of Law, the International Section of the New York State Bar Association publishes The New York International Law Review twice per year and distributes issues to Section Members free of charge.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the student editorial board of the New York International Law Review consists of:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Wetter
  • Managing Editor: Brandon O’Sullivan
  • Associate Managing Editor: Jessica Caso
  • Executive Articles Editor: Justin Holloway
  • Executive Notes & Comments Editor: Owen Crowley
  • Executive Research Editor: Ivan Almonte
  • Articles & Notes Editor: Amanda Raposo
  • Articles & Notes Editor: Brendan Tighe
  • Alumni & Events Editor: Nadia Khan
  • Senior Staff Members:
    • Alex Bisogno
    • Patrick Caldarelli
  • Staff Members:
    • Krista Apostle
    • Bradley Austin
    • Faith Banjoko
    • Amanda Blott
    • Ariel Booker
    • Haley Brill
    • Camille Castle
    • Maria Cervoni
    • Kieran Conley
    • Jane Curran
    • Emily DePaola
    • Michael Fields
    • Caroline Gant
    • Katarina Goberdhan
    • Alexander Gonzalez
    • Peter Grabowski
    • Gabrielle Hilton
    • Mary Johnson
    • Alex Machon
    • Cecile McIntosh
    • Melissa Miller
    • Jennifer Milo
    • Faride Camila Morcos
    • Chloe Nenner
    • Maya Neski
    • Diamanda Papagiannakis
    • Benjamin Saltzman
    • Christine Seo
    • Samia Shell
    • Ryan Stieve
    • Alyssa Tolentino
    • Keith Topper
    • Emily Trumble
    • Juliana Ventresca
    • Shania Vincent
    • Joanne Vu
    • Kym Walcott-Aggrey
    • Candace Yu

Faculty Advisor: Margaret E. McGuinness

The New York State Bar Association International Section advisory editorial board of the New York International Review includes:

NYSBA International Section Chair: Diane E. O’Connell

Board Members:

  • Jennifer Ismat
  • Margaret McGuinness
  • Joshua Alter
  • Christina Corcoran
  • Nishith M. Desai
  • James P. Duffy IV
  • Marty Flaherty
  • Alexander Greenawalt
  • Robert Howse
  • Kevin McCaffrey
  • Mark Meyer
  • George K. Miller
  • Christina Tsemelis

The New York International Law Review is copyrighted by St. John’s University School of Law and the New York State Bar Association. The copying, reselling, duplication, transferring, reproducing, reusing, retaining or reprinting of this publication is strictly prohibited without permission.